MONDAY, 21st May

9.00-9.05h       Assist.Prof. Dijana Zadravec, MD, PhD – OPENING OF THE MEETING

9.05-9.30h       Assist.Prof. Dijana Zadravec, MD, PhD – MRI in diagnosis and monitoring of MS

9.30-10.00h     Assist.Prof. Goran Pavliša, MD, PhD – Imaging of CNS neoplasms

10.00-10.30h    Prof. Marion Smits, MD, PhD – fMRI and DTI in clinical practice

10.30-11.00h    Prof. Marion Smits, MD, PhD – Arterialspin labeling (ASL) MRI of the brain: technical consideration and clinical implementation

11.00-11.30h    COFFEE BREAK

11.30-12.00h    Prof. Suresh Mukherji, MD, PhD – Anatomy and pathology of the anterior skulll base: What you need to know

12.00-12.30h    Prof. Roberto Maroldi, MD, PhD – Endonasal endoscopic surgery: preoperative imaging in sinonasal neoplasms

12.30-13.00h    Prof. Suresh Mukherji, MD, PhD – SCCA of the oral cavity and oropharnx: What the clinicians need to know

13.00-13.30h    Dr. Antero Salo, MD, PhD – Growing role of imaging in dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery

13.30-14.30h    LUNCH

14.30-15.00h    Dr. Bert de Foer, MD, PhD – State-of the art-imaging of cholesteatoma

15.00-15.30h    Dr. Jurrit Hof, MD – Third window pathology

15.30-16.00h    Dr. Bert de Foer, MD, PhD – MRI in Meniere’s disease

16.00-16.30h    Prof. Roberto Maroldi, MD, PhD – Surface coils imaging of larinx

16.30-17.00h    Prof. Suresh Mukherji, MD, PhD – Post-treatment neck

TUESDAY, 22nd May

9.00-9.30h        Prof. Katarina Šurlan-Popovič, MD, PhD – Orbital emergencies

9.30-10.00h      Prof. Katarina Šurlan-Popovič, MD, PhD – Inflammation related to the supra- and infrahyoid neck

10.00-10.30h    Prof. Suresh Mukherji, MD, PhD – Lymph nodes of the neck: What you need to know

10.30-11.00h    Prof. Suresh Mukherji, MD, PhD – Pitfalls in head&neck imaging

11.00-11.30h    COFFEE BREAK

11.30-12.00h    Assist.Prof. Josip Biočić, DMD, PhD – Differential diagnosis of jaw radiolucencies

12.00-12.30h    Prof. Zrinka Tarle, DMD, PhD – Esthetic restorations in dentistry

12.30-13.00h    Prof. Hrvoje Brkić, DMD, PhD – Role of radiology in forensic dentistry

13.00-13.30h    Prof. Ivan Krolo, MD, PhD – Value of dental radiology in dental medicine

13.30h               FREE TIME

19.30h               DINNER


10.00-10.30h     Prof. Oktay Algin, MD – Evaluation of CSF disorders with 3T MRI

10.30-11.00h      Dr. Luka Novosel, MD – Combined therapeutic approach to vertebral metastatic disease: combined effect of percutaneous thermal ablation and vertebroplasty

11.00-11.30h     Prof. Civan Işlak, MD, PhD – Venous ischemia of CNS

11.30-12.00h     Prof. Civan Işlak, MD, PhD – Intracranial arterial dissection and their endovascular management

12.00-12.30h     COFFEE BREAK

12.30-13.00h     Prof. Civan Işlak, MD, PhD – Hemodynamic basics of endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms

13.00-13.30h     Dr. Branimir Čulo, MD – Mechanical thrombectomy in ischemic stroke

13.30-14.00h     Assist.Prof. Dijana Zadravec, MD, PhD – Recent advances in neuroimaging and neurointervention in acute stroke

14.00h                CLOSING OF THE MEETING


Prof. Oktay Algin, MD, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Assist.Prof. Josip Biočić, DMD, PhD, Clinical hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia

Prof. Hrvoje Brkić, DMD, PhD, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Branimir Čulo, MD, Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Bert de Foer, MD, PhD, Sint-Augustinus Hospital, Antwerpen, Belgium

Dr. Jurrit Hof, MD, University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands

Prof. Civan Işlak, MD, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Ivan Krolo, MD, PhD, University of Zagreb , Zagreb, Croatia

Prof. Roberto Maroldi, MD, PhD, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy

Prof. Suresh K. Mukherji, MD, PhD, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Dr. Luka Novosel, MD, Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

Assist.Prof. Goran Pavliša, MD, PhD, University hospital centre Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Antero Salo, MD, PhD, QMedical private clinic, Helsinki, Finland

Assoc.Prof. Marion Smits, MD, PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Assoc.Prof.Katarina Šurlan-Popovič, MD, PhD, Ljubljana University Medical Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Zrinka Tarle, DMD, PhD, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Assist.Prof. Dijana Zadravec, MD, PhD, Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Centre, Zagreb, Croatia