Dear colleagues,

it is my great honor to invite you to Radiology academy 2018 where recent achievements in Head and neck radiology, diagnostic and interventional Neuroradiology and Dental radiology will be presented and discussed. The Radiology academy will take place in Dubrovnik from 21st to 23rd May, 2018 in beautiful Mediterranean ambience of Inter-University Centre DUBROVNIK.

Radiology academy is organized by Clinical department of diagnostic and interventional radiology of University hospital center Sestre milosrdnice in Zagreb and by Referral center for radiologic prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of head and neck diseases of Ministry of health, Croatia. Department for general and dental radiology of School of Dental medicine of Zagreb University is also based at the Clinical department.

The role of this international meeting is gathering of numerous experts in Head&neck radiology, Neuroradiology and Dental radiology and an exchange of clinical experience and knowledge. We are all witnesses of rapid medical progress with the implementation of various new radiologic diagnostic and interventional methods, as well as new therapeutic approaches in treating various neurologic, otorhinolaryngologic, ophthalmologic and dental diseases. Therefore, we have prepared a high-quality program with a lot of interesting lectures as well as many discussions and workshops.

In order to achieve high proficiency, we have invited eminent Croatian Neuroradiology lecturers as well as the colleagues from the School of Dental medicine, University of Zagreb, the Dean, Prof. Hrvoje Brkić, the Pro-Dean for Science, Prof. Zrinka Tarle and others. International experts attending the meeting are from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Turkey, USA and Slovenia. They are going to share their experiences and the newest achievements with the goal of giving new guidelines for clinical head and neck radiology.

Dubrovnik will serve as an inspiration for the Academy’s work, as the city of various philosophers, artists and scientists throughout the history. Dubrovnik has been included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List due to its’ rich history, culture and numerous monuments. The old city is surrounded by 2km long city walls and as such is one of the most famous and most beautiful places in Croatia, with rich local gastronomic offer as well. In the last years it has also become a recognizable film destination.

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik is an ideal location for the meeting because of its’ vicinity to the old city core.  

We are cordially inviting you to be a part of Radiology academy 2018, to contribute to the meeting with your experiences and to gain new professional acquaintances. We wish you a very pleasant stay at Valamar Lacroma hotel 4+*.


Assist.Prof. Dijana Zadravec, MD, PhD
Organizing committee Chairman

Head of Referral centre for radiologic prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of head and neck diseases of Ministry of health, Croatia

Head of Department of general and dental radiology, School of Dental medicine, University of Zagreb